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Making a custom windows install is always a fun nice idea. You get to tune windows to your liking from the get go.


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A wonderful blog article that was right up my alley. With a lot going on my life currently, its hard to not be stressed with still maintaining a “getting things done” mentality.


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We all hit plateaus and being ok with what we are good at. Im guilty as charged. However at the time same time we say we want to get better at X. This video goes over just that and offers some advice.


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I have been looking for a methodology for notes, to-do etc… I strongly feel this is the answer. Getting use to it will be unique, but I think overall this will work just fine.


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I haven’t had a chance to try it myself yet, but it certainly is one for the archive to try later.


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….if that makes any since. Lifehacker put out an excellent article confirming and denying a lot of the more advanced parts to windows.

De-Mystifying the Dark Corners of Windows: The Registry, DLLs, and More Explained

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Tools for finding a new home

Its not often that it happens, but you have to move at least some point in your life. I wanted to create this post because I always hate it when you see tools you need when you don’t need them.


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Build a $40 Stand up Desk

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