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Maps to Image

A neat site that makes cool colors of maps in the US so you can turn into a wallpaper


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Urban flyer

So my love for helicopters and flying is still rampant, perhaps its a strong will to just fly. Either way, as a person who is eager to fly via any means, I really love this video!

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Whenever you don’t have a doctor around its handy to know how to heal your self or others.

Ship Captain’s Medical Guide

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It’s always a pain to find the balance between sharing and mooching wifi. We all want open networks, but never want to share ours. Well for those super sensitive network admins there is moocherhunter. This live CD environment will allow you to fox hunt with a yagi wifi antenna and locate the suspect. Pretty neat stuff.


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Everything Resistant Matches



How to be an Early Riser

In preparation for me working out I wanted to wake up an extra hour early. Having tried in the past I have failed miserably. Especially trying to not use the snooze button in the morning. This gentleman’s article is an excellent read along with his wake up to the alarm and self discipline articles.

How to be an early riser

How to get up when your alarm goes off

Self discipline

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