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What the Fogt is this all about!!??!11

I created the domain originally as a learning tool for my I.T. career. I bought the domain to learn how DNS works and setting up your own server and email from scratch. Shortly after, many people caught on with the domain and loved it. Since I’m not a programmer and don’t have a designers eye I didn’t know what to do with the domain. I used the domain mainly for email and figured it needed a face. Being a jack of all trades but a master of none I wanted to keep the site broad and not specific to one area. What better than a blog!! Basically the site is here to help keep an archive of things I find funny, helpful, and just plain interesting. This site is here to help me out and I hope it does you too.

In case your are wondering its pronounced “Fote” Like “Vote for Fogt. ” :)

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